AllFreeCalls sucker punched

I didn’t think it’d last forever, but I certainly expected it take a little bit longer than it has.

On Friday Techcrunch reported that AllFreeCalls had gone down, and as of today the service is still offline. Gigaom has more details. In summary AT&T were, unsurprisingly, a bit peeved to be picking up the tab for the free-to-customer services offered by companies such as AllFreeCalls and FuturePhone.

I’m not terribly disappointed. AllFreeCalls was an interesting service, but in a week of testing I often received busy signals or connect failures. When I could actually make a call, more often than not the quality was poor.

For a monthly fee of a few dollars I can make international calls on AT&T for around $0.07 a minute to the UK. This certainly isn’t free, but it’s damn cheap and the improvement in voice quality is certainly worth the price in my opinion.

Take note fellow expats.

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