Internet Radio Pack for Windows Media Center

Internet Radio Pack for Windows Media Center is a package for Windows Media Center 2004/2005/Vista that allows you easy access to popular Internet radio stations via the “Radio” menu in Media Center.

The list of radio stations will grow over time as I add more of the stations I listen to. The current list of supported stations are:

  • Virgin Radio UK
  • XM Online
  • Live 365

XM Radio and Live 365 are supported courtesy of the MCL file these companies provide for Media Center. The installer simply creates the appropriate link in the “Radio” section to avoid the need to traverse through Online Spotlight or manually edit files.

Virgin Radio support is via a custom HTML page designed for access using a TV and remote control. Audio is played natively through Media Center, the artist photos and information are pulled via AJAX from the feed used to power the “Listen Now” page on the Virgin Radio website.

Media Center Radio Menu

Virgin Radio in Media Center

Known issues:

  • On first listening you may be prompted by Media Player to confirm streaming from the Virgin Radio site. If Media Center is running full-screen they may be hidden
  • The Virgin Radio interface has been designed for access via a Remote control – literally. There is no support for navigating the interface via mouse, though the arrow keys on the keyboard may be used.

Coming soon:

  • More stations :)


  • April 15, 2007 - 6:58 am | Permalink

    Would you consider adding our 24/7 all-positive talk & music radio network to your list? We are a member of NAB and currently get 800,000 listeners a month in 65 countries. Please check us out at and if there are any questions feel free to call me at 800-555-5453 or 310-371-5444.
    Thank you.
    Linda Mackenzie
    General Manager

  • April 15, 2007 - 9:02 am | Permalink

    If you would like direct links of our stations to add to your Internet Radio Pack, email us. We will set something up. Thanks!

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