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Post Queue

Post Queue is a management plugin for WordPress 2.1 and higher that expands upon the basic functionality of WordPress to schedule posts for future publication.

The purpose of Post Queue is to help keep your blog fresh and updated. Post Queue allows you to use moments of inspiration and free time to create entries that will be automatically posted if there is a break in your regular writing schedule in the future.

Decide how long should pass before an entry from the queue is selected, then simply write posts and publish them with a date well in the future. After the selected amount of time has passed since your most recent post, an entry will be selected from the queue and posted on your blog.

If you wish to still have the ability to schedule posts for a specific date, you can choose to only consider posts dated after 2020 for the queue. Posts before 2020 will then be posted using the time scheduled as per the standard WordPress functionality.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest version of Post Queue from here
  • Extract post-queue.php and place it in your wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory
  • Go to the Plugin Management page in WordPress and activate Post Queue

You will then find the a new page in your WordPress dashboard under Management->Post Queue. Here you can configure Post Queue and view stats about your upcoming posts.


  1. […] Post Queue allows you to write posts and have them queued for future use. Choose how long you want to wait since your most recent post and after that time has elapsed Post Queue will pick one of your queued posts and publish it. […]

  2. Wow, I really like the idea of the plugin. My site publishes many rss feed headlines. What I hate is how some feeds publish 10 posts all with the same time. What I would like to do is save the posts to draft, then randomly publish the drafts every 10 minutes apart.

    I see how to change the time limit in the debug options, Is there a way to have the plugin choose from a saved draft that doesn’t have a future post date?

  3. No, there’s no way to have the plugin select a post from the list of drafts. That wouldn’t make much sense since there’d be no way to discern between a regular draft and a ‘finished’ draft!

    If you have posts for the queue just punish them with a date in the future. Its just as easy :)

  4. Comment author's Gravatar Kevin

    Hi Andrew,

    Just downloaded and setup Post Queue on my WP blog. The one question I have for you is, let’s say I queue up 10 blog postings and set the dates for after 2010. Do I need to run a CRON entry or anything in order for the plugin to keep looking at the last date posted, and then know enough to trickle out the queued up posts?

  5. Hi Kevin,

    There’s no need to run a cron task, Post Queue uses the pseudo-cron functionality built into more recent versions of WordPress.

    Because this isn’t true cron (basically visits to your site trigger tasks who’s due time has occurred since the last visit) you may see some inaccuracy in scheduled posting times. This should be fine for the majority of cases, but if you require greater granularity you could run a cron job on a server where lynx sends the contents of your site to dev/null.

  6. Perhaps by setting a custom field, and have Post Queue only pull from drafts that have that custom field? I’m trying to get away from having to open the ‘edit time’ section at all. having a button that says “auto queue” or something to that effect on the edit screen would make this a beautiful reality…

  7. Nice idea. I don’t actually use the WP interface for posting but I’ll think about doing this when I revisit the code.

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