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Whiist – Website Management Add-In for Windows Home Server

Warning: This is beta software. By downloading this software you agree that under no circumstances shall I (Andrew Grant) be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages as a result of your use of this software. 

Whiist is a Windows Home Server Add-In that allows you to create and manage web content on your Windows Home Server.

After installation Whiist adds a "Website Management" tab to your Home Server Console. Using this tab you can easily create and manage new websites, photo albums, and homepage links.


  • Quickly create new websites on your home server.
  • Create new photo albums to share with family and friends in a few simple steps.
  • Create public content, or restrict access to users of your Windows Home Server.
  • Easily customize your public and private Windows Home Server Homepage links.
  • Fully integrates with the Windows Home Server management console.
  • Customize your Windows Home Server homepage

Please note that this is beta software and as such is still a work in progress.

Download Whiist 0.82 now! (view changelog)


Download the above file and copy it to the Add-in directory of your Windows Home Server. (usually serversoftwareadd-ins). Within your Windows Home Server console select Settings->Add-Ins and choose Whiist from the list of available add-ins.


Whiist Webpages Whiist Links
Whiist Creation Wizard Whiist Link Options


How to create a Windows Home Server photo album



Q: Will internet users be able to access my files?

A: Only files in the folder used for your website will be accessible to the public. I recommend giving this folder an obvious name (e.g. public_html, website, etc) to avoid confusion.


Q: Can I create private sites that require a password to access?

A: Yes, in Whiist 0.76 and later you can make a website private and assign access to users from the Security page in a websites properties.


Q: Can I create IIs Applications?

A: You may choose to enable ASP applications when creating a website. Future versions will offer additional functionality.


Q: Can I create sites that only certain users can edit?

A: Sure, just create them in a share where only that user has write permissions.


Q: How do I assign icons for the links that I create?

A: When you are creating/editing the link you can choose an image on your network, paste one from the clipboard, or even have Whiist attempt to download one automatically.


Q: Does Whiist create any content for me?

A: When creating a regular website Whiist will offer to create a placeholder website and favicon for you. When creating a Photo Album Whiist will create a sample set of images that you can later delete.


Q: How do I backup my websites?

A: The content of your websites are stored on your shared folders and so are treated like any other data on Windows Home Server.


Q: How do I upgrade to a new version?

A: You should first uninstall the existing version, then install the new version as normal.


Q: Is Whiist free?

A: Whiist is "Linkware" :) If you like Whiist and find it useful then please link to it in a post on your blog or webpage.


Q: Is Whiist available in language xxxxx?

A: Currently Whiist is only available in English. However it has been developed with localization in mind and I plan to eventually support the same set of languages that Windows Home Server does (whatever they may be!). If you think you can help with this, drop me a mail!


Q: I have this great idea..

A: There are no major features planned for Version 1.0. However I’m always open to suggestions. Drop me a mail!


Q: Whiist?

A: Windows Home IIS (Internet Information Services) Toolkit :)


Update: Comments are now closed. Please direct Whiist related comments to the forums


  1. Comment author's Gravatar Brian

    This looks great.. but here is the ultimate question. I have an exchange server running webmail at home so 443 is forwarded to my exchange server and my home server is not publicly viewable.

    Can I add my exchange server as a link and have the WHS proxy the webmail requests?

  2. Hi Brian,

    That’s probably beyond the scope of this plugin, however you may be able to achieve your aim by playing with IIs directly on your home server.

    Alternatively you may be able to configure Exchange to use a different port for SSL.

  3. Comment author's Gravatar Jaap

    just a quick thank you for your efforts! great job, will follow your further developments with great anticipation!!

  4. this rocks 😉 added a bit more fun and ease of use to my WHS setup.

    I noticed that it keeps adding an extra http:// in front of links every time you edit them. Also when I select “icon from site” nothing displays on the front end… you probably already know, but no harm in mentioning it 😉

    looking forward to seeing new features evolve

    Wish the basic setup allowed me to edit the default picture on the homepage! Ended up editing the image myself to put something different in 😉

    One WHS is stable I’m going to play and extend the box but for now this is the only add-on I’m bothering to re-install 😉

  5. Comment author's Gravatar Gombater

    Just got a ‘CannotCopy’ error code using RC1 and 0.5.6 – Wiist will not load under the console…

    Says to contact the author…

    Any ideas?

  6. looks good i may give it a go.
    hows it go with whs through a vpc and using this linkware?

  7. Comment author's Gravatar Kevin

    Hi Andrew,

    Great project – many thanks.

    I noticed one thing. I created a website and then deleted it. When I now log onto my WHS’s main web page, the link to the deleted website is still there. As expected, following the link does not work, as the website has been deleted.

  8. Comment author's Gravatar Gabev

    Andrew, I got the photo album thing down. Is there a way you could create instructions like that for regular websites. I’m having an issue with the place holder coming up instead of the contents in the folder for my website. Can you help me.

    Thank you,

  9. Comment author's Gravatar Chad

    This is great! I followed your photo album directions and my parents are enjoying being able to see pics of the family.


  10. Comment author's Gravatar Etoa

    I have installed your Whiist on WHS and created a photo album. For the the most part everything works very well. However, Whiist will not let me change the link icon from the default “world”. For external links the “get from website” works but the choose from file option does not work even though I have a 16 X 16 pixel icon in the software folder. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

  11. Comment author's Gravatar Neil Spinney

    just installed all ok, addin makes website links. But when I try to make a website it crashes the whs console when you get to the point where you need to browse for the place you are going to create the website to!??

    Any ideas?

    Neil Spinney

  12. Are you running RC1 of WHS?

  13. Comment author's Gravatar Etoa

    I am runing RC1

  14. Comment author's Gravatar Tripp

    I had installed Whiist on WHS RC1 and it worked great. However, due to problems with WHS I had to do a re-install (clean). Now Whiist ver 0.6 crashes the console simular to Neil’s description from June 26th. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times without any change.


  15. Comment author's Gravatar Neil Spinney

    Solved the problem, I download the lastest iso from microsoft and did a clean install. Whiist now works a treat!!

    Hope this helps


  16. Wow – scary. It sounds like the WHS install can end up doing different things!

  17. Comment author's Gravatar Tripp

    Thanks Neil. Downloading the latest ISO and loading corrected the problem.

  18. Good to hear.

  19. Comment author's Gravatar Patrick

    Hi Andrew,

    Nice tool, works great. Only I get the following errors in HomeServerConsole.log:

    [1]070629.105319.1718: Init: Error: Could not find appropriate HomeServerTabExtender in HomeServerConsoleTab.Whiist: exception System.TypeLoadException: GetType failure for Microsoft.HomeServer.HomeServerConsoleTab.Whiist.HomeServerSettingsExtender
    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Controls.TabFinder.GetExtender(Assembly a, String typeName, String prefixedDllName, Int32 width, Int32 height, IConsoleServices consoleServices)
    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Controls.TabFinder.FindTabs(Int32 tabWidth, Int32 tabHeight, Int32 settingsWidth, Int32 settingsHeight)

  20. Comment author's Gravatar Matt G

    Hey Andrew,

    Is there anyway that someone could remove the links? I tried uninstalling, but the page still has the links (and they dont work).

  21. Matt,

    To remove the links you would need to use Whiist, or if you’re familiar with XML you can edit the Websites.xml file in c:inetpubhome and c:inetpubremote on your server.

  22. Comment author's Gravatar Matt G

    Ill have to reinstall Whiist when I get my WHS back up. I tried editing the XML file, but would get a server error page. Any idea what to do to it?

    Hm…justed edited the inetpub/home one, not remote. Time will tell.

  23. Comment author's Gravatar Tademos


    When I remove a site in the add-in, it’s still available on the “Home”-site after login.

    How do I delete this or couldn’t it be removed automatically when I remove a site?


  24. Hi Tademos,

    Yes, currently any links you have made will remain when you delete the site. In a future version there will be an option to remove any links and content when removing a site.

  25. Comment author's Gravatar Tademos

    Thx Andrew. So no manuel way to delete these entries?

    Also I’m looking for a way to change the picture on the start remote screen and the text on it. Could I change this?

  26. I’m getting this error as well…I’m running WHS build 3790 SP2

    [1]070629.105319.1718: Init: Error: Could not find appropriate HomeServerTabExtender in HomeServerConsoleTab.Whiist: exception System.TypeLoadException: GetType failure for Microsoft.HomeServer.HomeServerConsoleTab.Whiist.HomeServerSettingsExtender
    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Controls.TabFinder.GetExtender(Assembly a, String typeName, String prefixedDllName, Int32 width, Int32 height, IConsoleServices consoleServices)
    at Microsoft.HomeServer.Controls.TabFinder.FindTabs(Int32 tabWidth, Int32 tabHeight, Int32 settingsWidth, Int32 settingsHeight)

  27. Comment author's Gravatar Alain

    I’m puzzled. The msi file is in the right directory and nothing is visible in the available add-ins list.
    When i directly doublle click on the msi file, i get :
    This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that it is a valid Windows Installer package.
    The file is version 0.6
    Any idéea ?

  28. Hi TimKey,

    I’m afraid I have no idea where that problem comes from. Some people have reported a similar issue that was fixed by a reinstall of WHS.

    Do other add-ins work?

  29. Hi Alain,

    It sounds like the msi may have been corrupted. Can you try redownloading it?

    I think in future I will place Whiist in a zip to avoid problems like this.

  30. Comment author's Gravatar Judgeschambers

    Ooooh. now .78……. loading now…LOL

  31. Congrats Andrew on the code2fame challenge win, it was nice meeting you at Microsofts campus yesterday.

  32. Comment author's Gravatar Greig

    This is a really nice piece of work Andrew. I was pleased to see you won the code2fame challenge with it. Congratulations!

  33. very helpful, thanks!y

  34. Hello,

    I was wondering if there is a way to use PHP 5 with this addon? Would it be similiar to using PHP 5 and IIS on a windows 2003 server?


  35. Comment author's Gravatar Jay

    I downloaded Whiist 0.78 and followed the instrucation but under add-ins under available tab is not showing up.

  36. Hey I have the same problem i downloaded the msi put it in the add ons folder and it wont show up even thought other msi files do any ideas?

  37. Comment author's Gravatar Jay


    I downloaded Whiist 0.78 and followed the instrucation but under add-ins under available tab is not showing up.

  38. Comment author's Gravatar Robert

    Installed with no problem, but I created one site and decided to delete it Also, I forgot to give my site a ‘friendly name’ so now I’ve got 2 sites with a name of “My Web Site” and seemingly no way of removeing the one that doesn’t work or altering the name. I guess I can ‘remote desktop’ to my WHS and hack away at some files there?

    Other than that this is great.

  39. Hi Jay/Erik,

    That’s very strange.

    I’d suggest perhaps trying the download, if it’s been corrupted WHS won’t recognize it as a valid installer.

    You could also you log into the server and check Add/Remove programs to see if there’s any old/partial install of Whiist?

    If all else fails you should be able to just run the installer when logged into the server.

  40. I figured out the add in not showing up! All you have to do is redownload it and you should be all set thanks again

  41. I keep getting this error message when I click on website. Any suggestion?
    You are not authorized to view this page
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page due to the access control list (ACL) that is configured for this resource on the Web server.

    Please try the following:

    Contact the Web site administrator if you believe you should be able to view this directory or page.
    Click the Refresh button to try again with different credentials.
    HTTP Error 401.3 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to an ACL set on the requested resource.
    Internet Information Services (IIS)

  42. Comment author's Gravatar Mike

    Thanks anyway Andrew, A Friend helped with a link to a http 401.3 error site. It was an easy fix. I just had to allow
    READ & execute in the phote album folder security properties for the network. Your whiist is working fine. Do you have anything in the works that would allow links to small MVI video clips?

  43. I Installed WMA a few days ago and it truly works on the KISS principle. The only hard part is deciding which photos to show so I made several photo sites available to the public.

    It took about 3 minutes per site besides the time required to dowload the phots. IT WORKS!!

  44. I also added this add in and by using it I was able to remove my unwanted photo/mistakes sites. One of applications has a refresh button that you may need to use but I do not know which one.

  45. Hi Walter,

    Whiist also has the ability to remove those links (and add new ones). You can edit them by clicking the “Websites” button on the left and changing to “Links”.

  46. That was the one I used to fix my sites. I am sorry that I mistook your work for someone Else’s. It was hidden until clicked on the arrows to the right. I know nothing about programing but what you guys/gals do is beyond my imagination. Good work. But if you want a good Access Inventory, THAT I can do.

  47. Someone said, “Wish the basic setup allowed me to edit the default picture on the homepage!”
    “Ended up editing the image myself to put something different in”

    My question is how were you able to do that?

  48. Comment author's Gravatar richard

    Is this program compatable with HP Photo Webshare and “visitor” accounts?

  49. Rich,

    I havent used the HP WHS so i cant say for sure, but there shouldnt be a problem. Whiist may list sites that are created by the HP software and removing/editing those sites could cause problems.

    As for ‘visitor’ accounts, you can restrict access to any account on your WHS. That can be the guest account, or one you’ve created specially for the purpose.

  50. FYI, The HP WHS is scheduled to become available the middle of next month from CompUSA and Best Buy web sites.

    I built my own WHS and installed the OEM software. I know for a fact that Whiist add-ins work!!

    I, with advice from Andrew and others, was able to change my Windows Home Server’s Photo. Now I just have to make it fit.

  51. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    Thank you so much. This is really wonderful.

    I have two tidbits to offer and one question.

    First the question to show I must have a blind spot. I have created a folder “Web” (Shared Folder.) The webite needs read/write permissions for for IIS_WPG. I go in via Remote Desktop, right click, Properties, Security tab and add IIS_WPG and give it full permission. Everytime WHS reboots, like for updates, it deletes the IIS_WPG permissions. How do I prevemnt this. It takes the website down.

    Now the tidbits – 1) If your ISP blocks port 80 (http) on you. Try having your users use https:// This is port 443 and the ISP probably forgot to block it. Mine forgot. With the 11/27 update to WHS you even have a Server Certificate now.
    2) I am running a website using .NET Framework and using SQL database. So it would seem sky’s the limit thanks to Andrew. Microsoft has free “express” versions of everything you’ll need. Just go to They even have packaged ready to fly Starter Kits you can download and customise. Just download it, download the “express” software you need, use Andrew’s Whiist; and you have an instant free website!

  52. Hi Tom, I am amazed at the knowledge you guys have. I read a lot but only understand about 5% of the “computer talk” I read. But as I sometimes can put 2 + 2 together and makes 4 BUT. I understand what computer router ports are, but please explain the tidbits a little bit to me. The acronyms escape me completely. Example NAS means Naval Air Station and SQL speaks to me as an Access database.

    At the present time I have 4 attached web pages (I think)containing photo albums and was able to change and expand MS model family to my girls to home a total of 6 sites. I hope I am making sense.

    I want to do more with my WHS but lack the necessary computer knowledge to do it.

    Andrew’s Whiist was the best computer software that has happened since DOS. I started with a TRS 80. Maybe that explains my ignorance.

  53. Hi Tom,

    As far as I know it’s not possible to modify the permissions on a shared folder. WHS seems to monitor these very diligently and will reset them to the the permissions that have been setup via the console.

    This is one of the reasons Whiist makes you select a folder within a share, rather than a share itself.

  54. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    Not to worry. Actually I was not too far ahead of where you are in the learning curve just 8 weeks ago.

    First the acronyms. is a webpage programming language (sometimes called a framework.) SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is shorthand for Microsoft SQL Server a database system from Microsoft. .Net Frame (read “dot net framework”) is a software component you can get from Microsoft that has “canned” solutions to common stuff you need on webpages.

    Now let me give you an example:
    Let us say you want a Personal or Family website. You could go to and download a fully functional website kit for free. This page also has all the instructions, etc. You copy it to a folder on your WHS, follow the instructions and then use Andrew’s super add-in. Then run Visual Web Developer debug on it once and you are a Webmaster.

    To make it run you’ll need SQL Database Software. But you can download the “Express” version for free from Microsoft. You will also need .Net Framework 2.0 on the WHS machine which is readily available for Free.

    You may want the Visual Web Developer software to customize debug (“Express” vision available Free.) And you’ll need the SQL Management Studio Express (“Express” = Free) to run the script that comes with the website kit.

    In short everything you need to make a pretty sophisticated website run on WHS is free and can be found via the website (

    All this installs in the 20GB OS partition but takes just a tad more than 1GB leaving plenty still spare/free. You use Remote desktop for the installations.

    I think Andrew will not mind it we continue this exchange because ultimately this info will make his add-in quite a bit more valuable to folks. So write again if I can be of any help.

    Oh, yes, the ports. What I am saying is if your ISP blocks your ability to have a regular http:// type website (which if you have the Photo Album up and running they are not blocking) then you can always use https://

  55. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    I must be doing something wrong then. The actual site is in D:sharewebweb-site. Every time the WHS reboots you can no longer login to the website. The way I fix this is to Remote Desktop into the WHS server and change the permissions on the D:sharesweb folder and all its child objects.

    The SQL database is in D:shareswebweb-siteApp_Data.

    I know the Microsoft Internet Information Service Local User Group IIS_WPG needs read/write to the database. That apparently is going away on reboot.

    It occurs to me that your example sites like Photo Album only need read permissions.


  56. Comment author's Gravatar Jeff Maxton

    Awesome plugin. I’ve got a problem with the EXIF data though. I’m getting an exception (I think it was a buffer overflow) unless I remove the EXIF data from the pictures.

  57. Comment author's Gravatar Don

    This is a great add-in. I have been using it to publish photos from a webcam in a photo album. Since the file names include the date stamp, all files are sorted in ascending order (old to new.) Is it possible to change the order of the photos in the album? I would prefer to have the newest files at the top. BTW – It is not possible to change the file name from this camera.

  58. Comment author's Gravatar Carlos

    This plug-in is fantastic. Thanks Andrew!

  59. I installed Whiist and was able to create a website, but now I can’t use the Photowebshare function from the Control Center. It comes up with an “unknown file type” error.

  60. Comment author's Gravatar bzwaagstra

    Trying to use FrontPage (ya, can you believe it!) and can’t log into the site created via Whiist. I presume this is because the IIS server extensions are not loaded on IIS. I have the HP Media Server. Any pointers?

  61. Comment author's Gravatar Korbett

    Umm yeah i try downloading the thing, butt nothing comes up, no installation wizard or anything. What should i do?

  62. Comment author's Gravatar rainer.perkons

    after installing on a HP WHS, the HP photoweb share site does not work…. I have done a system restore using the CD, with the option to preserve data, rather than wipe ….

    after reconfiguring, still cant load hp photoweb share..
    any thoughts before i do a complete restore… and start over

  63. Comment author's Gravatar Etoa

    >after installing on a HP WHS, the HP photoweb share site does not work…. I have done a system restore using the CD, with the option to preserve data, rather than wipe ….after reconfiguring, still cant load hp photoweb share..any thoughts before i do a complete restore… and start over<

    Same thing happened to me. I had to do a complete restore to make things work again. WHList seems to break the HP server’s Photoweb share application. I have not done any trouble shooting but suspect it overwrites a critical file.

  64. Comment author's Gravatar Wes Jones

    Re: Broken Photo WebShare site.
    After hours of trying to debug the problem I ended up doing a complete restore to get the system back to where it was before installing Whiist.

  65. I am running Whiist on my HP MediaServer.

    Does Whiist work with SharePoint Services installed on a different port (i.e. 8080)?

    From what I know of IIS, It should not have a problem…?

  66. Good morning Andrew,
    As I have been using Whiist now for several weeks, I find that it is truly exceptional! I now have 7 websites with photo albums for friends and family to enjoy. Some of my albums have as many as 1800 photos give or take 50 or so. My friends are delighted with the photos as am I. As I am not a computer expert, I hesitate to use the word “geek” because it may offend someone, I continue to be amazed at the ease of using Whiist. There is very little learning curve, it JUST works.

    A little tip for those seeking to change the photo on the WHS web page. I used Paint to reduce the original photo size then expanded the areas on the right (for the websites) and bottom for adding captions under the photo. By further expanding the bottom I was able to add additional websites.

  67. Hi Tom,

    I have more questions. If I have MS SQL Server 2005 installed, do I need the Express and SQL Management Studio Express?

    Net Framework is already in stalled.

    My WHS is working just fine and do not want to muck it up. So far only one add-in caused problems and it was remove easily from the console.

    Perhaps you can explain the tie-in with Whiist because Whiist really works fine.

  68. Comment author's Gravatar Jim

    I’ve just installed your Whiist add-in program and I’m using it to view photos in my shared folder.

    It looks great but I have a question. My shared photo folder consists of a large number of individual folders, each containing a group of jpg images. At present I can only select one of these folders to view with your add-in. Is it possible to select more then one of my folders?


  69. Comment author's Gravatar Andy J

    GREAT add-in! One quick question: is it possible to use Whiist to “redirect” a local URL to work as a website? Specifically, I’m using the WebGUI for uTorrent, and I can reach it locally just by typing in the machine name and the specific port, like this: http://server:10001/gui/

    Is is possible to have a link on my homeserver page that would call up this so that I could use the WebGUI when I’m connecting from outside my network?
    Thanks for any help you can offer,
    -Andy J

  70. Comment author's Gravatar Andy J

    Thanks Andrew, that worked perfectly! Keep up the great work!

  71. Comment author's Gravatar Tom

    Fastphoto –

    The connection with Whiist is that is allows you to host all sorts ofwebsites on you WHS Computer not just photo albums.

    If you are happy with the functionality of the Photo Album website you did not need all the extra stuff I mentioned. Sorry if I confused you or misled you.

    I though you were interested in a more powerful web application (the “sky is the limit” part of my original post.) The website I am hosting on WHS is about 100 pages, users log on to it (user name & password), it has recent news articles, a forum where users can share information and ask each other questions, voting polls, a calendar showing what is happens when, the ability for users to download various useful documents (like directions and maps to a recent Christmas Party), it shows users pictures (a photo of the actual user) and address, home phone etc., it has photo albums of user events, links to other useful websites.

    What I was saying in my original post was that you can have any kind of ISS website that you want.

    Take a quick look at:
    You will find about 20 pre-packaged website kits; everything from e-commerce to clubs and personal websites. You can host any of these on you WHS computer using Andrew’s Whiist.

  72. Comment author's Gravatar Theo van Elsberg

    Just want to let you know you have another happy Whiist user: great addin Adrew, thanks!
    Love the option to edit the WHS homepage with a few simple mouseclicks!

  73. Welcome back Andrew – if you need help with a mirror site let me know.

    Great add in by the way!

  74. Comment author's Gravatar Bill

    Does Whiist still break the HP websites on a MediaSmart Server? Someone told me to use it to change the image on the homepage that HP sets up for you, but don’t want to do it if it is just going to break the functionality.

  75. Bill,

    As of 0.80 the HP websites are no longer editable in Whiist. I believe all problems with the MediaSmart server arose from people modifying these entries using Whiist.

    That said Whiist is beta software and I don’t own a MSS so can only guarantee a level of trouble-free operation with the OEM version of WHS. There is always an outside chance that a conflict with another add-in or piece of OEM software may necessitate a system restore. (your data on the otherhand will be quite safe).

  76. Comment author's Gravatar Darrell

    Agreed on the Andrew’s comment of .80 and HP Media Servers no longer being editable. I made the mistake of installing .80 and just changing the picture. I wasn’t able to access the default HP sites anymore. I tried uninstalling and that didn’t help either. If anyone has any suggestions to get this back in order (without reinstalling) I would really appreciate it.

    Oh yeah, and Happy New Year! 😉

  77. Comment author's Gravatar Bill


    I am confused. If 0.8 cannot edit the HP sites, why did it break the HP default sites? Really all I wanted to do was update that homepage to get that HP/Microsoft picture gone. So it still can edit the homepage but breaks the HP site?

  78. Comment author's Gravatar Darrell

    Hi Bill.

    I installed the software for the same reason as you a)to change the picture and add my own and b) to create my own web sites. When I did A, it erased the picture that is there now, plus the link to the default share. If I realized in advance that installing the software was going to diable the HP PhotoShare site, I never would have done it. Worse though, when you uninstall the software, there is no way that you can access the photoshare that comes with the server.

    I can’t tell you if it will work for item B above, because I didn’t go any farther.

    I realize I got this software from a UK site,, but there should probably be a strong warning on this page as well as that site (WARNING: This software is not compatible with the HP MediaSmart WHS products.)

    I don’t know if Andrew is in the US or the UK, but the HP MediaSmart is the only shipping pre-boxed server available in the US so if it doesn’t work on that it’s kind of a moot point right now except for people deciding to roll their own server. 😉

    Again, if anyone knows how to fix this issue with out reinstalling, I would appreciate any help.

  79. Comment author's Gravatar Bill

    Thanks Darrell, I appreciate the update as I don’t want to break my HP stuff. I guess I will have to wait longer before using this to modify the pictures to see when these issues are fixed.

  80. Hi Andrew,
    Is it necessary to uninstall an older version before I install 0.8?
    Everything is working great, including links to other websites.

  81. FYI… I have an HP MediaServer and I use Whsiit. When I first installed it, I also lost the HP default site; I did a restore and did not lose my data but recovered the default site (it takes a while but it gets restored, follow HP’s instructions at: There is not much that Andrew (the author) can do about that issue, it is just the nature of the web server not a problem in this addin software. I currently use Whsiit with a number of other sites including a Sharepoint site and as long as I don’t touch the HP Webshare site I am ok. The key is to not modify the default HP site in anyway with Whsiit. You can add new site references and links. If you try to modify the default image then it changes the HP defaults so don’t do that either. In this case the best thing to do is modify the image manually by using remote desktop into WHS and going to the website directory c:inetpubhomeimages and replace the file named: i_landingpage_main.png with your own image.

    Don’t be afraid of this addin, just be careful not to modify the default site on an HP MediaServer.

  82. Comment author's Gravatar Darrell

    Al – thanks for the advice. I will try your suggestion. I have already had to do this a couple of times already. I did see a post above with at least one person that tried this approach, but it didn’t work. When you say don’t touch the HP defaults, I assume you mean don’t click the settings button and make any changes and don’t ever delete the 2 HP Links that show up (HP MediaSmart Server Webshare & HP MediaSmart Server Home Page). Is that correct? Thanks again for the help.

    PS Might not be bad for Andrew to add this info to the FAQ above as it’s very useful information.

  83. Hi Daryl,

    Are you saying that when you changed the picture that some of the links were removed? The only way whiist touches the file that contains those links is if you purposefully edit them within whiist. Similarly, when you change the picture the only file Whiist modifies is the photo.

    To be honest I’m completely stumped, at this point I’m beginning to think the HP software works in some really bizarre ways. I’m going to write a little tool that collects certain configuration information and compare the HP info to a plain OEM install. Hopefully that will shed some light on things.

    I apologize for your troubles.

  84. Comment author's Gravatar Darrell

    Hi Andrew – see Al Jiminez’s comment above. It sounds like just modifying the picture in some way changes things on the server. If you do have a test app in the next couple of days, I would be happy to run it on my existing installation (with your software on it) and then do a clean install and run it again so you can compare the two if that would help.

    Let me know either way. Thanks much.

  85. Hi Tom,I have quoted you in part because I do want to have additional websites but do not understand what I need to do or additional web applications, some public and some requiring logons. I am very hesitant about adding something to my WHS because it and Whiist work so well together. I have highlighted items below that I would like. At this time I do have links to other websites.

    “I though you were interested in a more powerful web application (the “sky is the limit” part of my original post.) The website I am hosting on WHS is about 100 pages, users log on to it (user name & password), it has recent news articles, a forum where users can share information and ask each other questions, voting polls, a calendar showing what is happens when, the ability for users to download various useful documents (like directions and maps to a recent Christmas Party), it shows users pictures (a photo of the actual user) and address, home phone etc., it has photo albums of user events, links to other useful websites.
    What I was saying in my original post was that you can have any kind of ISS website that you want. “
    What does ISS stand for????????

  86. Comment author's Gravatar Tom

    Fastphoto –

    First, I fat fingered the ‘ISS.’ It should have been ‘ISS’ which stands for Internet Information Services.

    Second, the highlighting did not come through.

    You can build a second site (using Whiist) and call it something like LadyWolves. The address would end up being

    You put in a folder called LadyWolves right next to you folder called home. You can then build/modify/create/mess-arround with the LadyWolves website and it will have NO effect on the other home website whatsoever.

    I am thinking you and I have need to contact eachother directly. Andrew has been more than gracious.

    I just left a message for the webmaster on the Lady Wolves Website with an email address you can use to reach me. Lady Wolves Website says the webmaster is coachrick4. So get a hold of him and email me directly.

    I’ll send you the link to the site on my end. BTW, I counted and it is 160 pages not counting the pictures in the albums.

    You could encorporate your pictures (good BTW) into something like what I have and add news, messaging, events (games) calendar, login, etc., etc.

  87. Comment author's Gravatar Gerry Barnefiher

    Love your add-in, makes a missing feature very easy to accomplish. the documentation could be a bit better (in fact, i started my own install doc with pictures just so I don’t forget to do it when I setup the next system).

    Keep up the good work.

  88. Hi – WhIIst works just fine v.79 – photo sites look good too….just concerned about the process to update to v.80 !!

    If I uninstall v.79 then install the new version do I lose all the settings/users/web sites etc – or will it work just fine – I’m worrrying ‘cos I don’t want to rebuild my OEM version

  89. Comment author's Gravatar Tom

    Subject: Upgrade Process


    You now have the same question two different was and I have added my own version.

    Back on 1/1/08 it was “Is it necessary to uninstall an older version before I install 0.8? Everything is working great, including links to other websites.”

    Today it is (above), “If I uninstall v.79 then install the new version do I lose all the settings/users/web sites etc ”

    I’ll add mine; “What’s the process to upgrade? I am on 0.78 and all is AOK. The features you added to 0.80 look interesting but I don’t want to muck up what I have”

    Andrew, answer, please.

  90. Tom, Graham,

    You must uninstall the current version of Whiist before installing a new one. I believed the WHS Add-In dialog enforced this, but perhaps not.

    When uninstalling Whiist the websites and links you have created will be left unharmed.

  91. Comment author's Gravatar John Edie

    Loved it.look forward to additions


  92. Comment author's Gravatar Daryl

    Hey I’m demoing the home server software runs nice but I’m havin troubles installin whiist I downloaded it stuch it in software folder open concele and don’t have the add-in option do you have to update something to get that???

  93. Darrell

    I did my update yesterday from .79 to .80 – it worked a breeze!
    I followed these steps:-
    1) From WHS settings/Add Ins – click remove WHIIST
    2) Restart WHS
    3) Download .80 (this is a compressed file)
    4) Uncompress the file and copy the ‘WHIIST’ installer file to the “Software/add-ins” folder.
    5) Login to WHS console – settings/add-ins and look in available packages
    6) Run WHiiST
    7) Reboot WHS server
    8) Login to WHS and then look at the ‘Manage Websites Tab’ – settings/WHIIST….
    you should see the change homepage image.

    Sorry this was long winded but it worked for me – hope it helps you!

  94. Comment author's Gravatar Steve Holt

    Great bit of software, but just one thing i have made a simple photo album for my family and friends to view, but i do not want anybody copying and pasting the pictures, can you add the no right click software to stop this. or at least an option to have it on or off

  95. Comment author's Gravatar Mark

    Thanks Andrew!

  96. Excellent product! Thanks! Making my life much easier!!!

  97. Comment author's Gravatar Tademos


    I want to ask why it’s not possible that Whiist auto-rotate pictures as other programs? When I take a picture vertical I have to rotate it before it is shown right via Whiist.

    My fault or missing feature?


  98. Comment author's Gravatar peter

    I had a trial windows home server. And now i realy want to buy it but it is not available in my country.
    My dad is going to the states next week and i was thinking if he coul buy one for me, but i’m not sour if i will be able to activate it back here in slovenia(it is in europe union thow).
    Will I?

  99. Comment author's Gravatar Erik

    This thing does not work. Ive followed the directions to the word and when i get to the page where the photos link is, all i get is the placeholder webpage that does nothing. and there is no where you can find the fix. this will be uninstalled very quickly

  100. Hi erik,

    If you need extended help please post something in the relevant forum at When you do, let me know if you see the sample pictures in the gallery and what type of images you’re trying to add.

  101. hi Steve,

    I’m afraid that even if I were to disable the right-click menu people would still be able to download your photos as this isn’t hard to bypass. Its a bit like putting an intricate but non-locking latch on your house. It may deter some people but the false feeling of security is almost worse than no security!

    If it worries you I’d recommend that you make your albums private and create a new account on your WHS with no share permissions and no remote-login capabilities for people who you wish to see your photos.

  102. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    Sorry you are having trouble.

    This works perfectly. You must not have done something quite right.


  103. Hi Andrew, Whiist is working well for me and nice to see you can still get something nice for free. The time ran out on my beta of avast for WHS.
    I wanted ask you if there is a way to use Whiist and create a public link to a folder of word files. I installed folders4WHS and that works good but it seems you still need to sign on to get access. My wife teaches High school and I would really like to give her a public link to post assignments and stuff to students the same way the whiist public photo album works without signing on? Any help there? MZ

  104. Hi Mike,

    The easiest way would be to create a regular webpage which contained a main html page with links to the documents.

    E.g. your folder structure may look like;


    index.html would then contain a description of each lesson with a hyper-link to the file, or to further webpages.

    There are a variety of packages you can use to create/edit the index file, Microsoft Word is surprisingly good.

  105. Hey I Have the 500GB Hp Home server was wondering if the problem was fixed with the conflict in software I wanna install whiist

  106. Comment author's Gravatar SamT


    Just added Whiist. Thought that everything was ok. I changed the home picture and now can not log into my home server. What did I do wrong? Any help is appreciated.

  107. Hey Andrew, Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Your reply was very helpful. I managed to put together a little web site with word and hyperlinks to documents that open right up. It took me a lttle while to figure it out. I misunderstood trying to make a link with whiist istead of just regular hyperlinks inserted into the web page. I used this nice little “how to create a web site Page” like you suggested that was a lot of help.
    Thanks for the assistance. I’m sure other people ould be interested in seeing how this works. Even the IT folks I work with think its a real Home Run for microsoft.
    Hi Mike,

    The easiest way would be to create a regular webpage which contained a main html page with links to the documents.

    E.g. your folder structure may look like;


    index.html would then contain a description of each lesson with a hyper-link to the file, or to further webpages.

  108. Comment author's Gravatar Todd

    Great job, bud! Thanks for making this addin! Now, if only I could find a way to stream my videos on a page…

  109. Comment author's Gravatar Cody

    Hey Andrew, for some reason I can’t get the Whiist add-in to install. I get the error message “A network error occured while attempting to read from the file: lhsrvhome07softwareadd-inswhiist[1].msi”. Any help would be appreciated.

  110. Comment author's Gravatar Dirk

    He Brian,
    Please update your install instructions, because your download file isn’t visable in WHS consule at add-inns.
    I hope to enjoy your program soon.


  111. Comment author's Gravatar Layer1

    By chance will this support .AVI, .WMV, etc extenions in upcoming releases so someone can click and stream a small video feed ?

  112. Comment author's Gravatar Stefan Gurszky

    First of all: GREAT!
    But, I do run in problems with some photoalbums. It seems, that these are due to not enough memory (just 512MB, 2GB allready ordered). Calling a photoalbum done with Whiist I do get errors. So far, I could bring that down to exitcode ‘0x800703e9′ which simply means stack overflow, reported in W3SVC. This crashes a lot, up to reporting that port forwarding fails and no internet access is possible.
    Restarting the server resolves the problem.
    Would it be possible to ‘catch’ that error in a future release or is someting wrong in my configuraion?
    thanks & brg from Vienna

  113. Comment author's Gravatar Terrick

    Do flash websites work with Whiist? I have added a website to WHS created in light room that uses flash. The main page comes up, displays loading, but never loads any pictures. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

  114. Hi Terrick,

    I’m afraid I have no experience of using flash. If you’re failing to see images could it be a relative/absolute path issue?

  115. Comment author's Gravatar Steven

    I know you mentioned that you are looking into the HP issue. Any estimate on timeline?
    My friend has whiist and says it is a great plugin and is very easy to use so I am anxious to load it on my home server.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  116. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    Please check your email again.


  117. Comment author's Gravatar Johan

    I want to thank you for this easy install gallery plugin. I have just a question if it is possible to show the filename of the pictures in your Gallery. Only the folder names are shown.
    Thanks in advanced,

  118. I love your photo album web page Whiist, but would love to edit it a little. What program allows me to edit the page. I, of course, would leave full credit to you but would love to put my name on the site.


    Jim rollins
    Acushnet, MA

  119. Comment author's Gravatar Stephan

    please allow a newbie question: I created a photo album as described but I can not copy pictures in the folder: WHS tells me that I do not have the rights to do so?

  120. Comment author's Gravatar Hellspawn

    Hi Andrew!

    Very sweet Add-In you got there! :-)

    1st: Do you aim to support special characters in a link’s name like ) : – etc?
    2nd: The photo album is really nice. But my mom is old school. She’s a little bit confused about the back-button-pictures 😉 What about more clearly label for the pictures? (e.g. a picture with “back” on it or something like that 😉

  121. Comment author's Gravatar Emil

    I just bought an HP MediaSmart Server and am very interested in extending its capabilities to include web site hosting. I’ll be checking back to see how things are going with resolving the potential hazards of modifying the system.

  122. Comment author's Gravatar Ariel

    Awesome addition to homeserver – Thank you!

    Now that I have a few websites running I would like to associate them with some domains. How do I do that?

    I know I can do “forwarding” (using my domain registrar) from a domain to my “” site but that would immediately change the URL to instead of my own domain.

    How do I make it work like a “normal site”?

    Thank you again – Ariel

  123. Comment author's Gravatar Joe

    The entire family now uses our homeserver with Whiist installed for our photos and we are simply wrapped. We are not experts with this stuff but you have made it so easy to use. Thanks heaps Andrew and we will keep watching as you develop one of the best add-ins for WHS.

  124. Is this work with IIS?

  125. Comment author's Gravatar Raul

    How can you make Whiist update the photo album, when you add new pictures?

  126. How would you like to add a fully functional ASP.Net 2.0 dynamic website by using Whiist? (a dynamic website is a website that updates itself automatically)

    Go and look about halfway down these posts and you will see starting on 12/3 an exchange between Tom and Fastphoto. They apparently continued their correspondence and have now written a guide.

    This guide covers how to add a full-blown website by using Whiist.

    The website you end up with has:
    * User Login
    * Two kinds of photo Albums
    * Events Calendar
    * Notices/News Articles
    * Automatic Emails
    * etc.

    Nasir and Raul, the Guide also answers questions like your questions, take a look at it

  127. Comment author's Gravatar Fastphoto

    Tom and I have completed the project “Whiist Website Construction” and invite you to visit the following website or

    The first site is a complete working website and a download page that contains all of the parts of the project plus a MS Word document of 148 pages. Our email address is included on the documents. Have fun and enjoy!

  128. Comment author's Gravatar irishking

    does this support php or MYSQL?

  129. Comment author's Gravatar irishking

    does this support php and or mysql?


  130. Comment author's Gravatar Fastphoto

    does this support php or MYSQL? As I do not know what php or MYSQL, I cannot answer that question

  131. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    No it does not support MYSQL nor php.

    This is a tutorial that starts with Whiist, adds a free code download and uses free Microsoft Express type software. It uses ASP.NET, already written code in a Starter Kit (not php) and SQL Express, which is free (not MYSQL.)

    So while MYSQL and php are both freely available, so are the ASP.NET Starter Kits and the SQL Express. What you do get extra is the fact that the code in the Starter Kit is already written


  132. Comment author's Gravatar Darren

    This is great! I love it, but it only works in “https” for me and I dont want the security cert popup for my visitors. I tried following the link to the “http” page on the default page but no go..wonder where I went wrong?

  133. Comment author's Gravatar Keen

    Brilliant, brilliant application.
    Lovin’ it!

    Is there available, or planned, a convenient way to clear the Photo Album cache?
    I have some instructions which involve deleting some sub-folders under WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETetc, but it would be extremely convenient if some facility were available from within the WHS console.

    Unless I’ve missed something… :-)

  134. Comment author's Gravatar Tom

    Part 7 – WWC (Whist Website Construction) has been posted. This is the final document that is planned at this time. Part 7 includes modules for a User Forum, User Polls and Secure Downloads functionality.

    This can be found with the previous six parts at

  135. Comment author's Gravatar Cress

    GOOD JOB !!

    Just D/L’d Whiist and have already done the “photo album page”. Looking forward to the official release. Looks like a very easy way for website neophytes to get their feet wet.

  136. […] Chad I’ve seem a number of posts from Windows Home Server users asking to add captions to WHIIST. I’ve created a minor hack to enable captions to web pages hosted using WHIIST. This change […]

  137. Comment author's Gravatar minicraig

    The plugin works great, im just interested in if there’s any way you can run more complex sites.. like for example php mysql or anything like that? or is there any way this plugin may be able to combine the plugin to work with something like xampp.
    i used to have an xampp server running locally on my WHS server before i enabled its website, but since then i havent found a way of running a proper mysql server in paralell.
    i guess the question is, is there any way i could either use this plugin to run something more complex, or could i combine it with anything else to run some other server off a sub directory like you set up with your plugin?
    i know this may be a little beyond the reaches.. but i’d love any suggestions

  138. Comment author's Gravatar minicraig

    ok i think i’ve just answered my own question

    the plugin (if im not mistaken) is simply a nice easily accessible way of editing the servers IIS

    so if you want to run php and mysql on the server its not too hard to do.. it just takes some manual installation

    check out the link below for how to do it:

    i installed it myself and it runs simple php great.. and works online no problems.. i havent tried mysql or anything more complex but i dont see there should be any problems.
    p.s. if you want to run a php file as the default (eg index.php) you’ll have to go to Control PanelAdministrative ToolsIIS ManagerWebsites then right click on the site, go to Properties > Documents anc click “Add” and add “index.php” or whatever it is.

    it all should be fairly simple but ill check back here every so often if anyone wants help that i might be able to provide.

  139. minicraig-

    Did you see the posts above about ASP.NET? I am told php may be easier but the advantage of what is described above is that there are scads of Kits available where all the code is already written. The instructions include steps to modify those kits to meet your style and need.

    The instructions walk you right through the how-to’s. We have had several thousand folks try it and all the feedback we are getting is very happy and excited. Go take a look at

    Everyone else-
    The website has been updated with new info and downloads, specifically:
    – There is a revised Starter Kit available for download. It includes three new themes, each with animations. And it has most of the fixes in Part 4 already done for you.
    – If you have already started your site, the three new themes are available as an add-on too
    – There is an added FAQ’s for the most frequent mistakes
    – There is also a clearly marked Help section

  140. Comment author's Gravatar minicraig

    yea i can see what you mean by that, but for people who are looking for something a little more complex, maby some forms, forums or anything more global like that, php is always useful, and if you know how to edit php, the steps on the website i’ve linked to above are probably easier than building a site (php or asp) and then you’re back on track with the projects you may have alread had previously :)
    though i must say, when i have some time i am going to have a little look into the asp stuff as a more simplified home/family based thing, just to see how it handles it all.

    ok now another question i have which i’ve been looking for answers for for a while now is, i have another server running on another pc (its a media pc with dvb web scheduler pro.. basically lets you schedule the tv card to record programs from anywhere on the network by typing in the ip and domain “″) my problem is that i would like to be able to view this page via the internet (ie i would be able to schedule it to record shows from anywhere) but i cant seem to find a way to forward multiple servers to the internet. does anyone know a way of doing this, or even better, using something like whiist to access another server via a subdomain etc of my home server site?

  141. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    You got it wrong. ASP is probably the more powerful of the two. The Kit that is walked through (there are others available) has:
    * User Login Security
    * Two Kinds of Photo Albums
    * Calendaring w/ auto Outlook tie-in
    * User Polls
    * User Forums
    * Application Automatic Generated Emails (forgot password, new post to thread, etc)
    * User Configurable Home Page
    * Six different Admin switchable themes (3 of them with animated banners)
    * Notices/News
    * Membership List w/Avatar
    * Admin assignable User Roles (permissions)
    * Private, semiprivate and public pages
    * A section for downloading files/documents

    If you are good, and you sound fairly proficient, you cab set the whole thing up in about 30 minutes because the code is all in the Kit.

    If you have never done anything like this before, these Instructions wlak you through it all little step by little step.

  142. Comment author's Gravatar michael wellington

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your blog, I am learning a lot and really wanted to show my appreciation. I am in the process of setting up a small home business, and need some guidance of purchasing and setting up a home server. Essentially, my business will involve sourcing and creating a market for both buyers and vendors of different products. Eg. Secondhand clothing, refurbished cell phones etc. My plan (scenerio) is to have a simple website or portal where buyers can leave requests for products of interest. Since I will be working on my own (this will be my ‘part-time’ job) I want to be able to access my files, Produce sample images, business data (financial) etc, remotely.

    My question for you is;

    Given how simple (or some it seems) my plan sounds, will you recommend a home server?
    If yes, what server will you recommend?
    Can I use a single server for as a printer/email and storage server?

    Your every insight, guidance and recommendations will be really appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  143. Comment author's Gravatar minicraig

    -re Tom

    i know what you mean.. but i’ve already got a site with all of them plus a blog, and a whole list of addons, scripts and themes which can easily be put in. both formats can handle all of this easily.. some people just prefer one over the other, especially if they’ve already got scripts in development

  144. Comment author's Gravatar minicraig

    -re Tom

    …and besides.. myne looks preddy =]

  145. Comment author's Gravatar ako

    Hi, is there any solution to show picture with more than 2 or 3 MByte? Here is the message that appears if i try to open the folder with pictures that have more than 2 or 3 MByte.

    Faulting application w3wp.exe, version 6.0.3790.3959, stamp 45d6968e, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.2.3790.4062, stamp 462646d5, debug? 0, fault address 0x0000bee7.

    Thanks for soe help.

  146. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    Yes, it is very attractive

  147. Love Whiist! A sugguestion that may be on your list , but may make it easier to use… Thanks for the great app…without it, not so sure I even needed WHS!

    1. Main photo menu
    2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

    SELECT 2008 from main Whiist web site

    2. Next page would show location, such as 2008, at the TOP in RED, showing you are in the 2008 folder from the main menu, helping visitors recall where they are browsing..

  148. Comment author's Gravatar Andy

    I am getting an error when I try to create a website with Whiist. I get “Failed Creating Site: Failed to set required permissions: Some or all identity references could not be translated”.

    This only started happening after I had to do a server restore when my server became unresponsive. Before that it worked great.


  149. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    Do you mean restore or reboot? If it is indeed restore, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the Whiist website. If you’re using the Photo Album, just copy the picture folders someplace else and put them back when you are done.

  150. Comment author's Gravatar Andy

    I did a restore. I have tried creating new Whiist websites in new folders/locations but it still didn’t work. Should I delete all traces of files created by Whiist then try again?

  151. Hi andy,

    I was just tweaking around with your add-in as I thought it lacked one thing in perticular. One collective page with all the photo albums on it. So I made one and thought you could maybe implement it into any future builds. Check out my site and click on photo albums to see what I mean. Just a few minor tweaks make a nice organised difference.

    What do you think?

  152. Õîòèòå êóïèòü äåâî÷êó,íåäîðîãî.

  153. Comment author's Gravatar Andy

    I have tried removing all Whiist files from my previous albums and installed the newest version (0.82) but still cannot create new sites. I still get the “Failed Creating Site: Failed to set required permissions: Some or all identity references could not be translated” error.

  154. Comment author's Gravatar Tom


    I am one of the authors of WWC (Whiist Website Construction) that makes use of Andrew Grant’s Whiist to create and host dynamic websites.

    Go to the website at

    Take a look at Part 2, steps 9-13 and see if that helps. If not email me (see the help section of the website.) This may be something that Andrew needs to help you with but I will try and give advice if I can.

    Andrew is a busy guy but he checks back here regularly. He probably figures the advice I gave you on the 9th fixed things because that is also the first thing he would have told you. Your latest call for help is only the 16th.

    If you wait for Andrew, I am sure he can help you. If you email me, be sure to attach screenshots and provide an explanation of how you think it got broken.

  155. Great job. I’m new to WHS and love Whiist photo albums.

    I’ve today learned of new album.ashx for captions and will be attempting it tonight. Also, I will attempt some css changes for caption size, etc.

    Anyway, read only is needed on the PUBLIC webpage. Is there an easy tweak to disable the upload button for Public, but leave it enabled for Private website?


  156. Comment author's Gravatar rich

    have an older version on my media server. do i have to uninstall the old before installing the new .82 version?


  157. Hi Andrew,

    Whiist is great without a doubt but i have a query. when adding a website, whiist builds a web address to share with friends.

    my WHS will ONLY work if i go https://

    can anything be done to make this just http:// as i want to put a website on that doesnt need to be secure.

    even my assigned address for the whs is https://

    what can i do or need to do to change this back? i have been into the IIS and the default website is on port 81 and ssl 443 which i guess is the problem yet cannot seem to change it.

    many thanks,


  158. Comment author's Gravatar NigelShaw

    Hi Andrew,

    my problem exists in the sense of, my router will not allow port forwarding of 80! it says it is constantly in use so for the meantime, i have forwarded t another port and set up the whs in this way which was working until………

    a supposed IT guy helped and deleted my complete default web site setting from the IIS manager! now, i cannot connect remotely or access via the whs console.

    is there any way of recovering this? i have noticed that the website configuration can be exported to Xml and you can also import configurations so it would be quite easy to import a default website configuration file if there is one to import?

    the Inetpub file has not been touched so it is just the default website settings in the IIS manager that is required.

    any ideas?

    many thanks


  159. Comment author's Gravatar NigelShaw

    Hi Tom,

    sorry for being in the wrong place. i posted here as i initially started with whiist and then it branched into IIS and now, problems.

    its not he files in the inetpub folder, its the configuration. in the IIS manager, there is not an option to re-build. you can restore from a previous backup but these only seem to be hourly so after around 6 hrs, the complete set of backups have been replaced. i tried to re-build manually which wasnt too bad except for the fact that when i connect to go through th website login, then computers tab and fianlly connect to the console, i dont get the console. i get the desktop. also, now when i use Whiist to create a website, i get an IIS error.
    it was suggested to go to control panel/add remove programs and un-install ALL items beggining with WHS. then goto c:whs and re-install then all which in theory, should re-configure the website but until i can find confirmation, im reluctant to do it. if a person saved the configuration file of the default website in XML, it could be loaded and i guess, set up correctly. i this something you could do?



  160. Hi Andrew,

    Whiist is great without a doubt, thought I would give some ideas for the basic photo template, a friend and I are at war on which OS is better MAC or PC, however when he uploads has photos to MAC.COM to share has photos, has visitors can play/slideshow has photos as well as download all the photos if they wish, could these functions be put into a further template?

  161. From 2008/06/23 #57,

    I’ve learned to use Whiist photo Album in a sub-directory under FTP Public access.


    1. via FTP, users are controlled with the Public Read/Write access controls, and

    2. via http://websitename/virtualDirectory, Read-Only access to the album.

  162. Comment author's Gravatar Rick

    After removing a website from Wiist, the link on the home page is still there. How do I get rid of it?

  163. Comment author's Gravatar John

    Since installing 0.82, whenever my friends/family log on to my server they see the sites I’ve created with Whiist plus two links for “My New Site” that don’t go anywhere. How do I get rid of the dead links. Thanks.

  164. Thanks for a good application, at first it was working fine,

    But now I got this error, can u please help?

    Server Error in ‘/bilder’ Application.

    Compilation Error
    Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

    Compiler Error Message: CS0006: Metadata file ‘C:WINDOWSassemblyGAC_32System.EnterpriseServices2.0.0.0__b03f5f7f11d50a3aSystem.EnterpriseServices.dll’ could not be found

    Source Error:

    [No relevant source lines]

    Source File: Line: 0

  165. Andrew,

    I just found out that the Security options in Whiist do not work correctly. I have a few maps with photos, which I wanted to grant to just a few users. I set everything right in the settings, but still everyone could access these maps by just fill in their username and password.
    I solved it (this time) by removing the group “Users” from the maps created in the IIS->Websites->Default Web Site. It is default created for al the maps in Whiist.
    I don’t know if this is a bug or just a wrong setting on my server, although I did not change anything in these security settings.
    Maybe You can take a close look at this.

    With kind regards,

    J.T.C. Janson
    The Netherlands

  166. Comment author's Gravatar JAMBD

    Great job guy’s.
    Site looks great, how did you get the url beneeth Silvetstone titel and how did you get rid of view/source? I’m newie, do you have a howto, would be great.

  167. Comment author's Gravatar Dan

    Thanks for your hard work. I created a couple of test sites using your plugin and then removed them. The links on the main page remain. Any way to remove them?

  168. Comment author's Gravatar Michael


    First of all. Great add-in. I love it.

    I was looking through the code for your site and trying to figure out a way to give it a more static layout. Something similar to this.

    Any idea on how I could achieve this?


  169. Comment author's Gravatar Jim

    how do i clear the links on whs homepage after i have already removed them from website manager, your help would greatly appreciated

  170. Comment author's Gravatar Jim

    sorry to bother you found the answer i was looking for on another post, by the way great add-in

  171. Comment author's Gravatar julo

    Hi Andrew,

    thank you for the helpfull add-in whiist. I installed the last version and tested the creation of a website and photo -site. Both sites work fine.

    For the future I think it would very helpfull to integrate a small website creator based on max. 10 predefined weblayouts and possible links between this sites. This would help a newcomer to create different own sites with a basic tool. I think, in an older version of IIS such a tool was an integrated part.

    Thanks and till the next version


  172. Comment author's Gravatar bonnie murphy

    can you use prefab website on home server wtih this and use contribute amd dreamweaver after uploading to my server

  173. Every Time i connect to my new site it ask if i want to display Secure and non secure content, I have a web photo album of my own that every pic i open ask permission due to SSL security, How do i set this to not use SSL using WHiist? How can i use HTTP instead of HTTPS? I thought at first it was using HTTP only!

    My web page is in my personal folder, should it be in a differnt folder of its own, like a new user, name web or somthing. SSL is really annoying. Any help would be nice thank you.

  174. Comment author's Gravatar Michael


    For some reason, the photos in the album are being displayed in random order. It doesn’t appear to be using any particular order at all. It is defenitely not using the created on date. Any idea what could cause that?

  175. Comment author's Gravatar Michael

    Anyone know why in the webmanagement section inside the WHS console, Some of my websites do not show up now. I can still hit them and they are in the IIS management console, but do not show up in WHS console anymore. If i try to recreate them i get an error that basically says, they already exist.

  176. Michael,

    Try adding an existing web site and that should put them back on the console….

  177. Comment author's Gravatar seo

    Very very refreshing in today’s software climate.

  178. Andrew,

    Your addin is a great tool and we will consider it’s use in production.

    Can you please advise me if you have had incidents with your Link removal code. As you can see on our WHS site a removed link still shows on the page?

    How can we remove the remaining trash links?

  179. Hello, I published my website on WHS with Whiist. Now I’m trying to add flv (flash movie) files to the site. Everything is uploaded, and checked in Dreamweaver (it works in Dreamweaver local and on the WHS) but if you actually go to the site, it won’t show the films?? I’m trying to solve this problem for days without a result! Has it anything to do with restrictions of Whiist?
    Regards, Caesar

  180. Sorry to bother you but im new to server applications. Im tring to set up a web page link for an .htm site i created. no matter what i do i run into to this when clicking on the link:

    Welcome to your new Website!

    This is a placeholder webpage created by Whiist, the Website Management plugin for Windows Home Server.

    You can edit or replace this content as you wish. The files can be accessed from your network and are at SERVERUserscorywebsiteindex_files

    Once you have configured Remote Access to your home server you can share this site with family and friends by sending them the following address:

    This site was created by a beta version of Whiist. Please be sure to check regularly for updates. Bug reports and suggestions also welcome :)


    Any help would be great. and all ports are open.


  181. Awesome and easy, Thanks! One wish so far: I can’t tell what order the pictures are displayed in, but they are not alphabetical. It would be nice to select ordering by alpha or chrono when setting up albums.

  182. […] website (on the same server) that I built in about 10 seconds using the fantastic Whiist add-in for WHS.  I would have preferred to use HP’s WebShare application for the gallery, but […]

  183. Dropped by to see what people are still saying and doing with Whiist.

    I’ve been using it ever since Andrew was developing it and posting its progress on the WHS blog. A few of our ideas got worked into the final product too 😉

    Still using Whiist to set up links and public/private picture or std web pages for family and friends. Cannot run WHS without it!

    Thanks again.

  184. Hello, Andrew:

    I just installed Whiist and am wondering how I might go about installing an open source CRM such as vTiger. I run a real estate office and am using the WHS as a file repository accessible by agents from office and/or home. I’d like to add a CRM similarly accessible as well as a mail server that will be used for mass email to our client lists and also allow my scanner to scan to email.

    Any advice, or can you point me to a WHS forum where they like to help technically capable newbies?


  185. I love the Sample pictures – all from Edinburgh! I grew up in South Queensferry and stole the picture of the Forth Road Bridge for my home page.
    Are you by chance from Edinburgh?

  186. Comment author's Gravatar Todd

    Thanks Andrew…3 clicks and I’m fixed. Your efforts are very appreciated.


  187. No matter how you try I cant get the club to work . It keeps say the database cant be used due to the links of were the file is stored. I did everything I was told By installing it on the server .

  188. Comment author's Gravatar unknown

    ok so im trying to make a flash game on the internet but im not shore if this file will help with that . the bad thing is i dont have a website

  189. Comment author's Gravatar Dan


    Great app!

    I just wanted to let you know I managed to find a way to change the background colour (wasn’t keen on the default black)

    I edited album.ashx like this:

    There are two lines of code like this:
    Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(newImage);

    So I added a new line under each one like this:
    Would have been better to add a variable at the top with the others I’m sure, but I like the white.

    Also I changed the variables:
    BackGround, BorderColor, UpFolderBorderColor to white also.

    Another thing I did that you may be interested in, is I am running graffiti CMS as a blog, with the WHS theme.
    So I made some changes to the default.aspx to make the header and menus look the same, between my blog and the gallery.

    Mostly it was a case of merging the album.css with the style.css of the WHS theme.

    I can send you the changes if you’re interested?



  190. In trying to set uo a website i keep getting the message “failed creating site;failed to set required permissions:some or all identity references could not be translated”

    and the operation aborts. Please advise as to how to get around this problem and be able to create a website. Thank you

  191. Comment author's Gravatar Alan Castell

    I have the same question as another Andrew on here. The pictures on the weblinks on the homeserver main page don’t show. Is there a fix for this as it seems that anyones that I go to doesn’t work. Wondering what the use of the “select image” option is if it doesn’t work.

  192. Comment author's Gravatar Ben

    Hi, what a great app for windows home sever. Quick question.

    I have set up a link to a web site hoted on my sever and it works great. However i seem to have one that does not have any links in nor does it show up any icons. How do i get rid of it so that it shows the links i want. To calrify i have two links in the set up via WHS but three show on my web site. Your help would be appreciated.

  193. Comment author's Gravatar Ben

    Ha Ha Searched fr remove and found it. ie c:inetpubremote and edit to remove links.

    Great App nice one works like a dream !!!!

  194. Great job with Wiist!
    Created both the web site and photo album sites. It was easy and intuitive. I have a question, Is there a way to add a bubble to the photo so you can add text to the album without having to add text directly to the photo’s?

    Great job again!

  195. Andrew

    Recently when i try to add a new website and when I click browse to select the location of the site on my WHS server I am getting the following error

    Failed to Recurse Shares: The Specified Path ……. etc etc

    Any Idea what could be wrong?

  196. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for Whiist, it’s a great tool I use on my homeserver.

    I did wonder however about the order the pictures appear on the website. This seems to be governed by the ‘date modified’ property of the picture files.

    Can I suggest to [also] allow this to be ‘date taken’ instead?

    Reason: I do minor editing to the pictures like red-eye and rotation. As a consequence, the red-eye corrected and rotated pictures are at the end of the web page, no longer in there original sequence.

    Regards, Wytze

  197. Comment author's Gravatar jeff

    Is there a reason why I cannot view swf files on my add on website using

  198. […] estado probando el add-in Whiist el cual ya esta en su version 0.82, para el que no lo ha usado se lo recomiendo!!! Ads! Rating 3.00 out of 5 […]

  199. I remembered when I set up my website, I did not check off enable .asp applications to run. How do I go about enabling this?

    Thank you

  200. Comment author's Gravatar Michael

    First of all, thank you very much making such a impressive product like Whiist available to the audience! Great stuff.

    I do have one question / recommodation: I use the photoalbum part of Whiist pretty often allowing people to view and download pictures I made. It is a bit uncomfortable to download the pictures one by one, so my intention is to add a .zip file containing all fotos in the foto folder. If this file could be uploaded and downloaded by the visitors, this would allow them to download the whole bunch of pictures – more intended to “share” pictures with others – vs. viewing and downloading them one by one.

    Any thought to add a capability like that to your product?


  201. Comment author's Gravatar John

    Will the current version .82 work with HP MediaSmart Server (EX485) with Power Pack 2 installed?

  202. Comment author's Gravatar Mike

    Does this work with an HP WHS?

  203. Comment author's Gravatar Stephen

    Hi. I have just discovered Whiist and have been playing around with it. I would like to make my family photos available to my family, but not to the general public. I might be missing something, but as far as I can see, setting an album site to private only allows access by putting in the WHS system username and password. Is there any means of setting a password of your choice that you can then give to your family?

  204. Hi,I have a question. On my webpage I created a music folder. I made the link. When I go to the link in my webpage Exporer Browser says I need a password to log in. The photo album link from Whiist works great without having to log in. I know linking my folder can be done without a password. I tried about everything. I am using Front Page 2003 to make my site. Thanks

  205. Comment author's Gravatar Louis

    I am trying to link my Blogger site’s Slideshow feature to my WHIIST photo albums, but it appears it requires a multimedia RSS feed to do this. Is this possible with WHIIST or is it perhaps a future feature?

  206. Comment author's Gravatar Steven

    Great Add-in. I was wondering why I can veiw my photo album made by Whiist without a log-in. But when I make a link to Music or any other folder in WHS 2003 it needs a log-in. Is there a way I can get around the log-in with my webpage so anyone can veiw my music without having to log-in to the folder? Thanks.

  207. Thanks. My wife asked me a half hour ago if there was a way we could share the zillion photos with friends, I am now up and running thanks to Whiist. I will certainly like to you.

  208. Please excuse me, but I know enough to be dangerous. So, here it goes. I have downloaded .82 and got it installed. When I create a web photo album it wants to publish it to “ …..”, but my server address is just “” I can’t find where to change the server address.


  209. Comment author's Gravatar Roland Essmann


    the whiist add-in ist good an easy way to publish web sites on the whs!
    Until now i can only publish HTML Sites. Animated Sited (e.g. from Adobe Lightroom with Adobe Flash) are not displayed correct. The WHS Server shows to basic HTML frame but does not load the pictures for the picture show. Do you have an idea?


    Roland (Germany)

  210. Comment author's Gravatar fli

    I beleive whiist is creating thumbnails when each new file is created.

    “.filename.jpg.jpg.”. Even though the files are hidden it clutters up the WHS Remote Access webpage with twice as many links of small degraded thumbnail sized files.

    If this is whiist how can I keep those files hidden from the remote browser view?

  211. Comment author's Gravatar Rogier

    I use this add-in. I’m very happy with it, but it does not place my photos in good order.
    I called my photos 001, 002, 003, etc..

  212. Hi,
    If I create my own website like the one above, do I need to register the domain name? how do I protect my website name.
    Is there domain servers I then need to add my web site to so I can get found via search engines?
    Sorry I know this dont make much sense but I am not sure of what I can do with my current ISP so dont know if my home server will be allowed to offer a website etc.

  213. I have had two (2) websites on my WHS with about 100 pages each and have been active for over a year. Comcast is current my ISP and Road Runner was my other ISP; both ISP’s did not curtail anyone from comming to my websites. After a softball game and I load my photos on the websites for the teams to enjoy, I get from 25 to 75 hits daily for 2 to 3 days.

  214. Comment author's Gravatar Percy

    Hi, I tried to use Whiist with my custom TZO domain but when I tried to create a Webpage it points to instead of

    I have tried to find a way to change the domain but it seems is not configurable in whiist. Can I change to a custom domain?

  215. For those trying to use Whiist to make a website; you may want to look at this website on Google:

    It is very instructive and guides you around several of the pitfalls that we encountered building a website for the first time. This guide come in PDF form or the complete document in word.

  216. Comment author's Gravatar `mike

    can you edit the home server home page or remote acssess

  217. Yes, I can remote in and edit the home page to the extent of changing the photos to ones that I like. Also Change the “Title” from Windows Home Server to “The Merchants Ladies of Summer”. This is a girl’s fastpitch softball team that I sponsor on my websites. Most of my editing is done from the WHS shared folders from my client computer. Save the original file as something else like 1 or 2 and make my editing, save it and try it on the web. If it does not work or you don’t like it, change the new file until you have what you want.

  218. Comment author's Gravatar Percy

    Remote access shows the correct web is in Whist and now in webguide that shows: instead of the correct custom domain:

  219. Comment author's Gravatar TOff

    Hi Andrew,

    You did great on this add-in, but wondering how to avoid public to view the private photos? I did setup using username & password, but if people not use https: then will be useless. Maybe I misunderstandng somthing, please explain. Thanks,

  220. Comment author's Gravatar Tom DT


    Left this message over on the Microsoft WHS forum, but thought I might have some luck here.

    Without fail, my website is disabled every night from internet access. I’ve followed carefully the Whiist instructions for the website setup. My folder structure is the following:
    Shares (IIS_WPG does not exist at this level)
    Websites (IIS_WPG added last to this site)
    TTHome (IIS_WPG added to this folder second after the following)
    App_Data (IIL_WPG added here first)

    WHS, by design I’m told, will remove IIS_WPG from the Websites folder. It remains on the children TTHome and App_Data; to regain internet access, I put it back on the Websites folder.

    I’ve checked for inherited permissions and have completely removed IIS_WPG permissions from everything and started over twice. I’m not sure what else to do, so I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Surely I’m not the only person who has this problem. In the other messages that I’ve found, it appears that resetting all the permissions using the Whiist instructions apparently fixed the problems. Other than this, the website works very well. I used the “Club” downloads to create the pages and added Adobe Photoshop Elements-created online galleries via links into the Photos Shared Folders. So I’m just down to the permissions thing that disables the site on WHS automatic or manual reboots.

    Any help would be appreciated, as I suspect I’m not the only one resetting permissions to keep things running.

    Using Whiist 0.8.2, WHS 5.2 SP2.



  221. Does anyone know if this addon compadible with HP WHS? Thanks

  222. Dear Tom DT –

    You wrote “Without fail, my website is disabled every night from internet … ”

    You are on the right track. Try removing the permissions from all the folders and building them back up from the bottom, like covered in this fix:

  223. Comment author's Gravatar Tom DT


    Thanks. These instructions had a step I wasn’t doing, so it looks like it working now! There are counterintuitive actions in this security stuff, but after all I’ve been through with Windows over the years, not so bad this time.

    Thanks again. Tom

  224. Comment author's Gravatar Tony99

    Nice App.
    One suggestion: The detail infor is good, but if there is the file name can be shown under the pic during click to enlarge, that will be great. also the photo size.

  225. This is a great addin for WHS. I noticed a couple comments about xampp and was thinking you could run both. Xampp would be local and you could run it on a different port (8080 for example) for internal / home sites. It would be a little harder to host a public site this way, but an option.

  226. Andrew,

    Wondering if you had any new plans for an update to Whiist?


  227. Comment author's Gravatar Steve B

    I downloaded the latest version, however, the only choice given by Whiist is to “Customize the Homepage Image”. There are no other choices available.
    What’s wrong? I need help!

  228. Comment author's Gravatar Christoph


    This is the best add on for the home server I have found on the whole internet!!!!

    I´m using it for half a year now and it always worked perfectly, but now I got a strange error. I wanted to create a new homepage, but when I click the browse button to choose a directory, an error window popps up which says “Failed to recurse shares: … The path of the file is too long…”. (In german, because I´m from Austria).

    Is this error caused by whiist or by the home server?
    Because the home server can handle the long paths easily…

    I can´t change my whole file system, then I wouldn´t find anything anymore. Is there any solution for this problem apart from making the pathes shorter?


  229. Comment author's Gravatar Dean


    The “” link seems to be broken.

    I have a ASP website that I’d like to add to WHS; I want to put a link to it on the home page (after the login). Is this possible with Whiist?


  230. […] crew to share the experience all over again whenever they want. In addition with the add-ins like Whiist & WebGuide we were able to create a more robust viewing […]

  231. Comment author's Gravatar glen

    where is the whiist plugin???

  232. Comment author's Gravatar Chris

    The link to download Whisst is broken.

  233. Comment author's Gravatar Kurt

    I really want to try Whiist, but the download link is down, any mirrors?

  234. Comment author's Gravatar Nick

    Like your Home Server Addin, but I have noticed that when listing shared photos that when you login in to view them they are not sorted properly.
    Is this something that is going to be fixed or does it take time to sort itself, I have refreshed the screen it jus takes me up a folder.
    Cheers Nick

  235. Comment author's Gravatar Hermen

    Hi Andrew, installed Whiist and love it!! One question, is it correct that in the Whiist photo gallery, when you go down in the folder tree that a random photo is used as the background of the arrow used to get up a level? Is there any reason why the background of the up arrow need to be a photo at all… it’s weird to see a photo, that does not belong in the folder only because of the level up arrow. Wish I could send you a screen shot of what I mean. Thanks Hermen.

  236. Fergal

    I am responding to your post directed to Fastphoto. I am the other author of the “WHIIST Website Construction” How-to.

    Indeed the website was broken for a period of time. Our apologies. Google shut down their GooglePages and transferred the site to However, when they were done, NOTHING WORKED. Needless to say we are very disappointed in Google. God forbid, they acted like Microsoft!

    It is Fixed Now. Or more exactly, everything works but it looks like the dickens.


  237. I gave the link to my Mum (she knows enough to get into trouble with computers). She asked why my Photo Album was called “Whiist Photo Gallery”. So I figured out how to change the name so it is My Photo Gallery and I also included some instructions, “Click on the photo to open the folder. Click on the arrow thing to go up a level.” just under the header. Now it looks even better. Pretty easy, I just edited the default.asp file with Notepad. I can give details to anyone that wants them.

    I also would like to change the Up arrow so that maybe it is just an Up Arrow and not a random photo. I think it is confusing to the user.

    I would also really like to have either a caption or at least the file name under the photo.

    Thanks so much for the great Add-in for my WHS.

  238. Comment author's Gravatar Hermen

    Thank you for the tip on how to change the name of the photo gallery and I really hope that Andrew will change the up arrow background in one of the next releases of WHIIST (see comment 242)

  239. Hermen

    You and others that wish to modify the presentation of the WHIIST Photo Album should take a look at Part 6 of the “WHIIST Website Construction” How-to. The link has been posted here repeatedly. Specifically, look to Section 3 starting on page 10. The next several pages tell you how to modify the Album.ashx to make the WHIIST Photo Album look the way you would like.

    Hint: Try changing the “The number of images on the up folder thumbnail stack” to zero if you only want the up arrow.

  240. Comment author's Gravatar Hermen

    Ttoomm, appreciate your response. Unfortunately I am not much more than a simple user and this is way out of my league. I’ll study the documents you referenced in detail and see whether I can make any sense out of it.

    I tried your hint on the ‘up arrow’ (changed 3 to 0 in a notepad and saved it) and unfortunately that did not work.

    Any hints on what, where and how I need to make a change that will sort the photo’s in e.g. ‘date picture taken’ :-)

    Thanks again!

    – Hermen –

  241. Hermen

    Yes, sorry there is a whole bunch more info than you need in all those doc’s.

    Your problem is that WHIIST Photo Album makes the thumbnails only the first time they are needed and then stores them on disk cache. See Part 5, Section 5, “Clearing Cache” on page 14. That should solve it for you. Sorry, I should have metioned it last time

  242. I have integrated this add-in nicely into my WHS.

    One thing i would like to use is permissions when using the LINKS part.

    I have placed some links on my Private Homepage which I only want to be made visible to certain users. Is it possible to display only certain links generated to certain users ?

    If not, could consideration be given for this to be implemented into the next release please.

    Many thanks for a great plug-in.


  243. Comment author's Gravatar Hermen

    Does anyone knows what change need to be made so that the photo’s will be sorted by e.g. by date picture taken or name?

    Appreciate the help. Thanks!

  244. Comment author's Gravatar Thomas


    after Update to PP3 I can’t save an pictures of the default homepage.

  245. Comment author's Gravatar Fergal


    Sorrry for not reply, but thank you for sorting out the DOC download. I was able to get everything and am now working my way through them.


  246. Comment author's Gravatar Martin Lund

    Great Add-In.

    But it seems as if you’ve lost access to the Run box in the Start Window on the WHS.

    Is there a simple way to remotely run programs like services.msc?

    Greetings from Denmark

  247. I have this problem I hope you can helt me with solving. When I delete a website in “website manager” it disapears in the WHS console, but it still apears on the website. I tried to remove a site using my own name and the recreate it. This resulted in the same site apearing twice on the website. It got even worse when I tried it again. Now it apears three times on the website and only once in the WHS console. How do i remove the entries on the website so I can only see one entry with my own name.
    Thank you ever so much for a great program.

  248. Comment author's Gravatar Scott Taylor

    Andrew-can I add comments to the pictures so the viewer can read them. The details provides a huge list of data and show comments way down the page. I’d like to just show comments when viewing.

    Great product – THANKS!

  249. Comment author's Gravatar Morgs

    I Would like to re-iterate hat Steven said in post 249. This is the most infuriating part of WHS and I would love to see this feature.

  250. 1. The forums are down
    2. There is a bug in the plug-in. When I click remove to get rid of a link but nothing is selected the console crashes.

  251. I cannot change the homepage image.. it lets me select an image, but doesn’t retain it. Any help would be appreciated.

  252. Whiist appears to be exactly what i’ve been looking for!

    Finally an Add-In which allows me to create private websites ^-^

    Thanks for this Andrew, the development work is really appreciated, is it alright with you if I add a link to your blog from my website? :)

  253. danny
    nice to join the web site

  254. danny

    28-1-10, once again good one

  255. I like Whiist for running personal sites for my kids and gallery sites to show off my kids :).

    But I’ve run into a headache. If I create a site, but then delete it, the site name and link still exists on my public and private pages (if it is a public or private site).

    I’d like to get rid of these ghosts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  256. Comment author's Gravatar Aernout

    Hi Andrew,

    I tried to find out on your website if after installation you also can cleanly remove Whiist. I could not find it, maybe because your forum is down, perhaps it is explained over there.
    Can you tell me by e-mail?

  257. Hi I am a photographer and as far as techy stuff goes merely an enthusiast I have just got my server up and running including the Web site, MySql and PHP add ins. I am in the process of developing my home site and have an album application called Coppermine set up and working in conjunction with a web site set up under whiist on my D:/ drive……the problem I am trying to solve if it is resolvable is I have a php app I am trying to run to fetch random images etc. from the album database and this is the issue…if I set the whole thing up on the home web site in C:/ it all works fine the php script works and I can fetch the images but I cannot get the script to work on the web site set up in the D:/ set up. I need it to run in there because I don’t want to fill up the C:/ op 20gb partition with the tons of images I have about 2.5tb worth. I have boggled my mind trying to sort this out looked at loads of set up info here and there I know it works on the C:/ partition is there a way of setting up the php.ini file or defining the correct path in the script to get it to work on D:/. Please forgive my ignorance but as I said I am simply an enthusiastic user not an expert. Thanks

  258. OK I resolved my problem by defining the full path in include_once good stuff invaluable reading, comment and advice here lots of clues just a matter of trial and error for a novice but it works now.


  259. Comment author's Gravatar Robert

    I use Whiist frequently to create and manage web content on my Windows Home Server.

  260. Very cool! I have been looking for something similiar. Downloaded and installed, everything is running smooth so far!

  261. Comment author's Gravatar Wil

    Comments are now closed. Please direct Whiist related comments to the forums.

  262. Comment author's Gravatar John Farrar

    Is it possible to set up ColdFusion on Whiist?

  263. Comment author's Gravatar Mike Turpin

    I have a problem and the forums seem to be nonexistent so i will put this there and hope for the best. well i have whiist installed and it is working fine but something happened and now i cant access my web pages at a regular http:// address the only way i can see the sites is at a https:// which makes life difficult if i am trying to get someone to come to my site being as the default is http and if u just type the address in the bar it will go to a page saying that u are not authorized to view this page but if u type the https it all works fine. i am sure that this is probably something in the settings somewhere but i am at a loss when it comes to finding it. any help would be greatly appreciated and u could email me at mturpin143 at gmail dot com. thanks in advance for any advice..

  264. Comment author's Gravatar Phil Croxford

    will there be support for adding widgets in any future releases!!!??

  265. Comment author's Gravatar JD

    Will Whiist work in WHS Vail?

    If now will a new version be made that will work in WHS Vail?

  266. Could setup a start site but got a few strange things:

    1. When i browse to the location for the web-site contents then i get error message “Failed to recurse shares d:sharesrecorded TV”. Can click this away and the browse box starts.
    2. In the browse box at several folders the OK button is greyed out so it cannot be selected.

    Looks basic functionality, must be wrong at my end.

    Do yo have some tips to check out.



  267. Comment author's Gravatar Jack


    I had this same problem:
    >> “Failed to recurse shares d:sharesrecorded TV”. Can click this away and the browse box starts.

    2. OK button is greyed out so it cannot be selected.

    I uninstalled Whiist, rebooted, reinstalled and rebooted and all was right with the world again.

    It might work for you.

  268. hi whats going on

  269. im so cool aid

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  271. i love cool because its my last year of being in High School .

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  273. whats up

  274. Hi,

    Can I integrate this in my WAMP Server? I am using WAMP server and I wanted to try this Whiist. Will for your response about this thanks.

  275. Comment author's Gravatar Max


    When I remove a site in the add-in, it’s still available on the “Home”-site after login.

    How do I delete this or couldn’t it be removed automatically when I remove a site?


  276. Comment author's Gravatar Zachary

    those of u that r asking about how to get rid of the link still on your home page;
    go into the WHS console, click Manage Websites, then in the top left corner, click on where it says websites, and select links. this will allow you to delete links to no longer existing websites, as well as add links to any site you wish

  277. Any special settings for use in conjunction with a firewall?

  278. Hey Andrew, I also have the same question like the above poster. i have xampp installed on my machine and I dont want to switch to IIS because its a lot hassle to setup php on IIS. Most of my website use joomla and other just plain php. If there is a simple way to use your software with xampp that will be great.


  279. So glad I ran across this site! Now I can migrate some of my clients websites our in-house server.

  280. Comment author's Gravatar James mcclain

    When i put up pictures my web page only says

    in never comes up to my pictures . how can i fix this ? am i missing something from my web address?

  281. Comment author's Gravatar jsp

    Is it possible to add video’s to whiist photo album?

  282. Hey,It is very good information for web site management.All the features are very unique and useful. I think for web site management we have to focus on many aspects

  283. Great read. I found your blog on facebook and i have your page bookmarked on my favorite read list!
    I’m a fan of your Website. Keep up the great work

  284. Outstanding, such a software for free? I am dying to try it out right now, ‘cos it looks great. Especially quickly creation new websites on home server is dedicated for me. Thanks a lot.

  285. Comment author's Gravatar Marco


    I just tried to create a link on my private Homepage that was supposed to link to my fotoalbums for internal use. In order to do this, I used the name “internal: Fotoalbums”… Well that was a bad idea, it just created a broken link on my WHS private Homepage, but it doesn´t show up in “Manage Websites – Whiist”
    Could you help me to manually get rid of that broken link?

    Thank you

  286. Comment author's Gravatar Cliff

    I am a big fan of Whiist. Will it be available for Windows Home Server 2011?

  287. Hi,
    this tool seams to be great, but before I download it can you tell me if there is a newer version because this version is 3years old.

    I hope you answer my question fast.

    Thanks in advance,

  288. Comment author's Gravatar Mike

    Can you use front page editor for publishing a web site to the server?

  289. WOW

    Thank you Andrew for making website development on WHS so easy.

    An IT friend of mine pushed me into WHS as i don’t have the knowledge to do the full server/web site thing. He Strongly recommended your plugin, and I’m glad he did. My clients are giving my portfolio site to their friends and now i have more work than i could have ever imagined.

    Thank you so much.

  290. […] Whiist – Website Management Add-In for Windows Home Server | Shiny … After installation Whiist adds a "Website Management" tab to your Home Server Console. Using this tab you can easily … […]

  291. Hi,

    Whiist can’t be installed on WHS 2011.

    Will you publish an updated version?

    Best regards!

  292. Comment author's Gravatar Russ Godfrey

    Hey Andrew, Love the add-in…

    I’m fairly new to WHS [about a year now] and this is the first time I wanted to use for posting photos and hosting a website. I will be using it for my daughters Girl Guide group.

    One question: even though I have the photo album password protected, [it comes up first time for username/pswd] and do not select “remember me” when I log in… it still seems to remember me until I clear history etc. from my browser. With the sensitivity of the pictures etc. little girls… I’d like t to force a password request each time one tries to access the pictures site. Possible?



  293. Comment author's Gravatar Ray W

    Hi Andrew,

    First, thank you for WHIIST. It is a great utility and very easy. I have 2 questions though. I use this to publish pics to my family 1/2 way around the world.

    #1 – Is there any way to have a page with all the links to all the pages? This way my family doesnt have to remember all the sites I created and sent them, they can just go to one place with multiple links. This can be public and then the security can kick in on the individual albums.

    #2 – Is there anyway to embed a video?

    Thanks again for this utility. It is super easy….



  294. Comment author's Gravatar ShettePriet

    exactly gonna say hello…

  295. Comment author's Gravatar Juanjo

    Good morning Andrew,

    Can I install Whiist in WHS 2011?


  296. Comment author's Gravatar Jonathan Shay

    Previously, I was able to configure Whiist on my HP MSS to serve up my website by default = that is to say, if my website were housed in PUBLICpublic-html and configured in Whiist as such, browsing to would serve the website housed in public-html. If I wanted the WHS default website, I’d have to browse to mydomain.homeserver.comHPHome.

    After a website update that involved inadvertently publishing to a different folder, after reconfiguring Whiist to point to the new folder, I’m unable to get my public-html website served by browsing to

    Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere?


    Jonathan Shay

    • Comment author's Gravatar Jonathan Shay

      Check that last request. I see in the Remote Access settings that I now have my public-html website as an available option for my website homepage. After selecting my public-html website as the default, it is now properly served by browsing to

      Thanks for a fantastic plug-in!

  297. Comment author's Gravatar kirk

    Is the word still NO on this? Seems like there were lots of fans of this software. To win and award/prize would show that the work is appreciated by all. Microsoft dropped the ball but all the FANS didnt.

    Build it and charge! I would pay.

    Kirk from Wis

  298. Comment author's Gravatar Scott

    i see that its been asked already but didnt see an answer. can this be installed to WHS 2011?

  299. Comment author's Gravatar Sunarise

    I read why you decided to move away from doing the 2011 WHIIST. With the statement that a third party app to take the place for Drive Extender in WHS 2011 is there a chance you will now finish the product you started. I can tell you as a admirer of your v1 add in I would gladly pay for this version. The company that built these drive extenders must think this will be a good product and spent the R&D time to mimic drive extender. I think you had many a happy users with V1 that would be happy to welcome a new version. DONT MAKE ME GET ON MY KNEES AND BEG :)

  300. […] awarded to the first, second and third place winners respectively. First prize:  Andrew Grant for WhiistWhiist is a very cool (and free) Add-In that allows users to easily host web pages and photo albums […]

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